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Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd installs quality, durable line marking solutions throughout the UK and specialise in providing a fully managed service for all your internal & external line marking needs.

We offer varying levels of durability for internal line markings, ranging from vinyl tape, for use in areas where temporary markings are needed, through to durable vacuum shot blasted markings, which are ideal for areas where MHE is used.

Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd work closely with paint manufacturers to ensure we can offer the best materials available at the most competitive prices. On most of our installations, we apply two-part epoxy’s as they are proven to be the most durable in terms of performance when applied over a shot blasted surface. We also have several fast-curing paints available which are utilized when access times are limited.

When it comes to external markings, we have the capability to use any material from traditional thermoplastic to cold applied MMA. Markings on concrete surfaces are also prepared using a bitumen primer for added durability.

To help save your time and make your budget go further, we also offer:

As a single point of contact and purchase, we offer both ease of project planning and efficient delivery scheduling, for a complete safety solution.

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At Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd, we believe the key to completing a successful installation is all in the planning. Our dedicated advisors and project managers will work closely with you to determine the right solution to suit your needs, provide a full layout and works schedule to ensure a smooth installation, and 100% satisfaction on every project.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss how we can help your organisation.