Durable Shot Blast Line Marking

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Durable Line Marking

The key factor in durable floor marking is the preparation undertaken prior to applying paint. The adage, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’, takes on a literal meaning here.

Vacuum shot blasting is the process of firing tiny metal beads at the concrete floor surface. This removes any seal or surface contamination from the area to be painted and leaves an open concrete surface that the paint can key with.

As the name suggests, a shot blast unit is connected to a large vacuum which collects all dust & debris produced by the process. Once the area has been prepared, we use a magnetic roller to ensure all metal beads have been removed before painting. This means that vacuum shot blasting is not a messy process and can even be undertaken in food processing areas.

Owing to the durability it offers, a large percentage of projects we carry out, are vacuum shot blasted. Lines prepared in this way have a much longer lifespan than markings that are laid over an unprepared surface, or lines that have been prepared using other methods such as scrabbling of grinding. This is because vacuum shot blasting evenly prepares the whole area to be painted, whereas scrabbling and grinding can be sporadic and less controlled, leading to areas being unprepared and the markings failing under use.

We appreciate that installing or upgrading your floor markings can cause disruption to the running of your warehouse. This is most notable in operations running 24/7. Ensuring the durability of the markings by correctly preparing the surface prior to painting, means time, cost, and disruption can be saved in the future by not having to continually touch up faded lines.

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