External Line Marking

The external line marking in your car park is often the first thing that visitors will see when arriving at your facility, if the markings are clear and well laid, they can help create a great first impression.

When it comes to external line marking, our approach at Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd is just as detailed and comprehensive as when taking care of your internal lines, we use the most innovative products and installation techniques available to create a solution that’s right for you.

We have the capability to use materials to suit any budget for external line marking, from one part epoxy’s and traditional thermoplastic through to cold applied MMA. The best material to use often depends on such factors as the surface that the markings are being laid onto and the amount of traffic they will receive. It’s details such as this that your Warehouse Floor Marking representative will discuss during a site visit, before advising on the best and most suitable option to suit your operation and your budget.

Whether you have a small car park with a handful of spaces or a large multi-storey, Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd will help you create that great first impression by designing a layout which is efficient in terms of space and safe for both pedestrians and motorists.

Just as the external line marking in your car park can help create a good impression, the markings in your yard are critical when it comes to the health & safety of your employees and visitors. A yard design that is considered and well thought out, will not only ensure the safety of pedestrians, it will also help to maximize space and avoid traffic build up. At Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd, we have a wealth of experience in designing yard layouts that are both safe and functional.

We work closely with our external line marking customers, so please don’t hesitate is contacting is to discuss your needs.