Line Marking Removal Solutions

Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd have several line marking removal options to select from, each with particular benefits and finish grades, which makes it all the more important for us to discuss your situation and needs.

Our Removal Options Include:

Vacuum shot blasting and sealing:

This involves shot blasting the existing markings to remove the paint and take the surface back to the original concrete where possible. The surface is then sealed using a clear sealant to ensure no future issues with dust being created or moisture damage.

Chemical removal:

For this method, we apply a solution (similar to a paint stripper) to the markings. This is left for a short period before being scraped away along with the existing paint. The area is then cleaned with a solvent to remove any residue.


This method of removal uses a sophisticated water pump system, generating up to 40,000psi, completely removing existing markings. Excess water and waste is drawn by vacuum into a separate collection tank. This unique system is able to remove lines or other surface debris without marking the surface below

‘Greying out’:

This method is the same as the shot blast removal option, however instead of clear seal being applied to the blasted concrete, we apply a grey paint which is a close matched to the colour of the slab. This helps where the markings have been removed to blend back in with the rest of the floor.

HCA lance:

For the removal of external markings, a HCA lance (hot compressed air) uses a mixture of propane gas and compressed air which can be used to remove existing markings and also for drying external surfaces prior to the application of new markings.

Line Marking Removal

The most effective method to use, depends on such factors as, how the existing markings have been laid and the type of surface etc. As with installing new markings, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. To decide upon the best course of action, an advisor will visit site to inspect your existing markings and make a recommendation based on their findings.

Contact us to arrange a site visit so we can inspect and discuss the line marking removal options.