Terms and Conditions

Issued by:

Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd, (referred to as ‘Warehouse Floor Marking’ and ‘WFM’’), 79 Overlea Drive, Hawarden, Flintshire, CH93HR.

All internal areas will take in the region of 24 hours to fully cure at an ambient temperature (no less than 10 degrees Celsius) if this temperature can’t be achieved, please raise this with your WFM project manager as it may affect curing times.

Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd can not guarantee or offer any guide of life expectancy for internal line markings that are laid onto an unprepared surface. If durable lines are needed or in areas that receive MHE traffic, we strongly advise that the concrete is shot blasted prior to painting.

The quotation assumes that the floor will be cleaned by the client prior to the lines being installed unless otherwise stated in the quotation.

Our quotation is based on having a maximum of 10 hours of unhindered access per day, any delays to installation caused by access / site issues, will be charged at a pro rata rate.

If a power supply is being provided by the client to power our floor preparation equipment, the supply needed is a 3 phase, 16 amp, 110v, 5 pin point within 50m of all working areas. If this is not available, a generator will need to be hired at an extra cost. Any delays caused by a faulty power supply that has been provided by the client will be charged at a pro rata rate.

We request that a nominated representative from your organization with knowledge of the project be on site on the first day of installation to receive our team and also be contactable for the duration of our visit. We also request that the nominated person be available at the end of the installation to complete a project sign of sheet to confirm you are satisfied with the installation.

It is the responsibility of the client to provide sufficient lighting in the work areas for the duration of the installation and also to provide the use of MHE to unload materials.

Empty paint cans and consumables associated with the installation that are not hazardous will be disposed of in the clients skip, if this is not permitted, please make your WFM project manager aware as a skip may need to be hired at an extra cost.

Shot blasted floor preparation gives the edge of painted lines a ‘feathered’ effect, this is a sign of durability and should not be confused with ‘bleed’ on the markings.

Any quotation given by us is based on the installation of paint to a micron thickness equivalent to that of two coats, due to the chemical bonding properties of the paint, it is not always necessary to paint two separate coats. The equivalent amount of paint can usually be installed in one coat.

Should the type of concrete or painting surface be more porous than usual, it may be required that we use more paint to complete the installation. This is something we are not able to valuate until the installation has begun. We will make every effort to reduce the impact to you however any charges for additional paint which is required which were not foreseen upon the quotation will be charged to you.

When colour matching to an existing installation we will do our utmost to ensure that the colours will be the same using RAL references etc. However, we are unable to guarantee an exact match due to the probable differences between different batches of paint

As part of the shot blasting process, we use a dedicated vacuum unit and magnetic sweeping tool to ensure pieces of shot are removed from areas to be painted, however due to the size of the metal shot, we cannot guarantee that every individual piece will be removed from painting area.

When removing existing line markings, we cannot guarantee that the concrete surface will return to its pre-painted state or that there will not be any markings left behind by previous installations.

Protection of works by Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd extends to the immediate work area of the installation team only. On completion of works, they become the property of the client and you are required to ensure that employees and other contractors do not encroach on the markings, any markings that require repainting or repairing due to damaged caused by other parties will be done so at a chargeable rate. Whilst efforts are made to cone off painted areas, we cannot be held responsible for other contractors / employees on site.

You should make employees / other contractors aware that painted lines and symbols may occasionally be slippery after painting even when dry, this is due to the paraffin wax contained within the paint. This is something that wears off over time and the effect can be reduced by cleaning the painted area with a scrubber dryer.

Where a particular line width has been specified on the quotation, we will take all reasonable steps to achieve this, however we can not guarantee that the exact width will be consistent throughout the installation.

We are unable to guarantee that the materials we use will not taint unpackaged or open produce, this is because there is no brand of paint available (to us or our competitors) that is classed as 100% food safe.

We cannot predict in all circumstance the condition of any substrate with a floor covering that is to be mechanically prepared prior to the new finish being applied. Certain conditions may give rise to the requirement of a floor repair material. This regrettably may be charged to the customer on a pro rata or additional cost basis. This may also impact on the duration of the installation.

Installation times and schedules will be written and agreed once we receive a purchase order or confirmation of order. We will also provide health and safety documentation to reflect the work we are to carry out along with any additional requirements you may have.

Payment Terms

Our payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date, all prices are net and exclusive of VAT. Any delivery is charged extra where applicable, though unlikely with floor marking.

Lead and process times are generally 1 week for pre-work and planning with commencement of installation 2 to 3 weeks from approval of schedule and plans. This is typical however and can change to help suit the customer where possible, if this is of importance we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any parts of our Terms & Conditions.