Unprepared Floor Marking

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Unprepared Painted Lines

Unprepared line marking is the method of laying paint or tape directly onto the floor with no mechanical preparation undertaken beforehand to improve durability.

This is a very popular method in areas that only receive light traffic or where the layout changes regularly. Many customers opt for unprepared markings when they first move into a new facility, this allows them to modify and optimise layouts before moving to a more durable, or permanent solution.

Warehouse Floor Marking Ltd have several types of materials available to use for unprepared line marking.

Markings laid with tape are available in a range of standard vinyl floor tapes, and the more rigid PVC variations with an extra strength adhesive. In addition, we often supply and install floor graphics such as pedestrian images, logos. lettering stencils such as ‘Caution FLT’s’, etc. All are available in durable, self-adhesive, and anti-slip vinyl options.

A large range of paint types are available for unprepared line markings. Unfortunately, many can be of a very poor quality. Our knowledge and experience of painting warehouse floors has enabled us to trial various products and we believe the best materials to use are either high solid single epoxy or acrylic paints. They are much more durable than other cheaper materials, such as chlorinated rubber.

The type of paint or tape we use on projects, depends on factors such as the condition of the surface, access times, usage, etc. These are issues we would consider during our site visit, before deciding on the most suitable option.

If you would like to arrange for one of our advisors to visit site and discuss your needs in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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